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Practice Development

SFP advisers run their own practices and are encouraged to maximise the value of this business asset. By making use of well-founded practice development techniques and principles in your practice, you are able to enhance the intrinsic value of the business. The purpose thereof is to make your practice “succession ready” to extract real value at a future date.

SFP assists you through our bespoke practice development programme to:

  • Focus on working on your business, not just in your business
  • Clearly define your client value proposition and brand position
  • Build a sustainable business and marketing strategy
  • Create a practice growth plan by driving key actions with clear performance indicators
  • Develop leadership behaviour and accountability in your support team
  • Map your business structure and plan your succession



Sense of Belonging of BelongingFrom administrative support to management guidance – we all journey together to support your practice., /SFP Banner Images/senseOfBelonging.jpg?RenditionID=2
Succession Planning PlanningOur Succession Planning is based on finding a suitable successor for the adviser’s business., /SFP Banner Images/successionPlanning.jpg?RenditionID=2
Branding by joining SFP, you position yourself and your practice within a strong national brand., /SFP Banner Images/Branding.jpg?RenditionID=2
Ease of Business of BusinessFrom compliance and PI cover to payrolls and technology – we make things easy for your convenience., /SFP Banner Images/easeOfBusiness.jpg?RenditionID=2
Independence holds a wide array of product provider agreements across multiple licence categories., /SFP Banner Images/Independence.jpg?RenditionID=2
Practice Development DevelopmentSFP advisers run their own practices and are encouraged to maximise the value of this business asset., /SFP Banner Images/practiceDevelopment.jpg?RenditionID=2


  • 021 912 3920


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