SFP Wealth

We’re in the business of creating lasting wealth

SFP Wealth, a division of Succession Financial Planning, is a wealth and investment-focused channel within the largest choice insurance brokerage in South Africa. The Wealth value proposition is specifically aimed at the financial adviser who believes in taking a holistic approach to financial planning, has a predominantly investment-focused business, and is looking to grow a professional practice within this affluent brand.

We also cater to the unique requirements of individual investors, offering dynamic, holistic financial planning across all license categories – including life insurance, investments, employee benefits, short-term insurance and healthcare.

More about SFP Wealth

SFP Wealth and its investment committee manage a range of bespoke branded products at extremely competitive rates and provide specific wealth management training and development to upskill our investment-focused advisers along with our product provider partners.

We also provide our Wealth advisers with business intelligence on the entirety of their portfolios to better manage their clients’ portfolios and to identify and coordinate campaigns.