Protect your loved ones

Ensure that you and your family are well taken care of after an unfortunate life event.

Why risk planning for
life events is important

Death, disability, and dread disease is not something we want to plan for. However, the costs and consequences that occur because of it are well worth making the necessary preparations.

What are you covering?

When you consider insurance for a life event, you are ensuring family income protection, creating legacies, and catering for the medical expenses and taxation that may affect you and your estate.

Life events to be considered

In the event of death, life cover will pay a lump sum to your estate or nominated beneficiary to provide an income for your surviving family, provide legacies for educational or other needs, and to accommodate for estate liquidity to settle any debts.


Disability is not certain. However, the consequences of not having cover in place can be devastating. Medical costs, income protection, settlement of debt, upgrades to your lifestyle to cater for your new needs (such as a wheelchair, for example) are considerations that must be taken into account when determining your need.


Dread disease, also known as critical or severe illness, may affect your life from a medical, income and lifestyle perspective. Ensuring that you are covered for this event will ensure that you are financially secured to meet any needs that may arise.

Is it necessary to know
everything about me
and my family?

To reap the benefits of holistic financial planning, it is important to know you and your family. This includes various aspects such as your marital status, dependants, income, assets and liabilities, employment details, financial goals, as well as your dreams and aspirations.

Each aspect may affect your goal differently and must be factored in to determine your needs.

Is insurance expensive?

The cost of insurance is different for every person since they are based on unique factors such as your age, health, and lifestyle.

Underwriting is the process in which the insurance provider considers all information disclosed by you to determine your cost of cover.

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