I’m ready to retire

Reap the benefits of your retirement savings with a structured plan to meet your needs.

Planning your retirement years

Your working days are behind you and your savings must provide an income that not only maintains your lifestyle (considering inflation) but also caters to expenses that may be more common in your retirement years (for example, medical costs).

How much you draw as an income from your savings is dependent on your financial needs.

Important questions to consider
What is your retirement needs?
Consider if you will require a cash lump sum to settle debt or if can you utilise the full savings fund to purchase an annuity.
Do you have enough saved?
You will need to ascertain if your savings plan is sufficient to meet your cash and annuity needs.
How do I plan for the next few decades?
Determining if you would like to leave a financial legacy to your loved ones is an important consideration when setting up your plan, as well as the impact on your monthly income required from the annuity.
Developing a plan
that works for you

The funds in your retirement annuity, preservation fund, pension or provident fund must be transferred into an income-generating solution when you are ready to start using them to finance your retirement.

Option offers: Life Annuity Living Annuity
Guaranteed income (pre-determined period)
Capital portion can be inherited
Flexibility of income adjustments Only at inception
Choice of underlying investment funds
Market fluctuations impact income
Conversion to alternate product
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