Investment planning 

Investment planning is the process of creating and preserving wealth to meet your investment goals and objectives. The journey includes determining strategies, timelines, and your risk appetite, amongst other factors, to successfully navigate towards the achievement of your goals.

What we offer

We specialise in the full spectrum of investment management services. We select and combine skilled asset managers in our multi-managed funds to ensure a holistic and competitive solution that’s geared towards helping you achieve your investment goals. Even if markets fluctuate and managers change, you can rest assured that your investing needs will be managed with utmost efficiency, and that you will benefit from the collaborative input of some of the industry’s top investment professionals.

Our investment strategies include the following:

  • Selection of skilful managers
  • Combination of complementary managers
  • Successful tactical asset allocation and/or risk management
  • Combination of active, passive and boutique asset managers
Why it matters when it comes to investing

A risk profile is an analysis of your tolerance towards risk. The analysis considers your ability to take on risk as well as your general attitude towards investing. A series of questions are asked to determine what your risk profile is. This is done to select funds suitable for your investment needs.

An SFP adviser can guide you on your journey to investing by helping you to first determine your risk profile – an important part of the planning process.

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