SFP Short-term

We’re in the business of creating lasting protection

SFP Short-term, a division of Succession Financial Planning, is a short-term focused channel within the largest choice insurance brokerage in South Africa.

The Short-term value proposition is specifically aimed at the financial adviser who believes in taking a holistic approach to financial planning, but has a predominantly short-term focused business, and is looking to grow a professional practice within this affluent brand.

More about SFP Short-term

As our name suggests, we offer, as part of our value proposition, the service of finding a suitable successor for the short-term adviser’s business. In the process of ensuring succession, we enable the adviser to gain a perspective on the real value of the practice itself.

Coupled with aggressively competitive commission splits, the Short-term offering is a key consideration for the short-term focused adviser – and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a relationship built on trust.