Why partner with SFP?

A choice financial services provider

Succession Financial Planning (SFP) is a choice financial services provider with a unique focus on the Registered Financial Adviser looking to grow a professional practice while offering holistic financial planning to its clients. SFP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sanlam Group, founded in 2010.

We believe in an approach that increases the financial advisers' and their practices' capacity to give advice and run effective businesses that optimise practice value.

Our purpose and philosophy
What we live by
Benefits when
working with us
SFP holds the largest array of product provider agreements across the industry, with categories spanning life, investment, savings and retirement, employee benefits, short-term and healthcare.

We pride ourselves that our advisers can guide clients to a fully independent solution across our product provider range. We commit ourselves to continued adviser and client choice as the cornerstone of our strategy.

Our advisers are encouraged and equipped to build and maximise the value of their practice asset through up-selling, cross-selling and client optimisation. By using business intelligence and well-founded practice development principles with the help of your management support, you can enhance the intrinsic value of your practice. The purpose is to make your practice “Succession Ready” to extract real value.
Our succession planning process aims to transfer ownership of the practice from the incumbent owner to the successor in a way that ensures that the value of the business and compensation made to the departing owner is optimised, take-over conditions are fair and equitable for the new owners, staff are considered and fairly treated in the process, and clients continue to receive the standard of service and delivery to which they are entitled.
Joining SFP positions you and your practice in a strong national brand with three key business channels: SFP, SFP Wealth, and SFP Short-term. Traditional forms of branding include the subsidisation of office signage and alternative marketing initiatives that are cost-effective but impactful. We subsidise the cost of our bespoke digital business cards and websites to build your individual brand within SFP, as well as monthly newsletters that are distributed on your behalf (personalised and addressed by you).

SFP also offers investment funds and solutions branded for our adviser force, which are hosted across multiple platforms.

Ease of doing business
Most of the direct value you receive from our value proposition makes running your practice simpler, freeing up your time to concentrate on the things that truly matter.

At SFP, you have free access to a bespoke version of XPlan called SanFin. The SanFin suite is an Advice and Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool supported via Sanlam’s Group Technology division to enhance your experience. You will get a monthly payslip and commission statement along with various other practice analysis and management reporting facilities via our CRM tool to optimise and plan your financial strategies within your practice.

Peace of mind
Regulatory change’s ever-increasing cost and complexity have placed an enormous burden on financial advisers and their practices. At SFP, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that key items are taken care of on your behalf.
Running a profitable financial planning practice is challenging. SFP assists our advisers through various formal and informal learning initiatives.
Sense of belonging
SFP, as a family of professionals, is more than the individuals that comprise it. From administrative support to management guidance and professional peers, all of us journey together to support your practice. Managing a professional practice is no longer the domain of a single individual and having a team to support you will enhance your chances of success.
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We’ve compiled some useful information for your convenience. Feel free to have a look through the below documents if you want to find out more about the work we do at SFP.

SFP Financial Adviser Brochure
SFP Value Infographic