Why partner with SFP?

A choice financial services provider

Succession Financial Planning (SFP) is a choice financial services provider with a unique focus on the Registered Financial Adviser looking to grow a professional practice while offering holistic financial planning to its clients. SFP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sanlam Group, founded in 2010.

We believe in an approach that increases the financial advisers' and their practices' capacity to give advice and run effective businesses that optimise practice value.

Our purpose and philosophy
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SFP holds the largest array of product provider arrangements across the industry, with categories spanning life, investment, savings & retirement, employee benefits, short-term and healthcare with more than 200 providers.

We take pride in that our advisers can guide clients to a fully independent solution choice across our product provider range. We commit ourselves to continued adviser and client choice as the cornerstone of our strategy.

SFP holds the largest array of product agreements across the industry. SFP has been a market leader for over a decade with its compelling and dynamic commission and business models available to our adviser partners.

Our advisers are also encouraged and equipped through management coaching, systems and leveraging preferential product provider service levels, to build and maximise the value of their practice through up-selling, cross-selling and client optimisation.

By harnessing the industry first business intelligence tool, SFP POSSIBILITIES, in conjunction with well-founded practice development principles, you can enhance the earning capacity of your practice.

Our succession planning process aims to transfer ownership from the incumbent owner to the successor in a way that ensures the value of the practice and comprehension made to the departing owner is optimized.

We aim to make the take-over conditions fair and equitable in the eyes of the successor, that existing staff are considered and fairly treated and clients continue to receive the standard of service and delivery to which they are entitled.

Joining SFP positions you and your practice within a strong national brand with three key business channels: SFP, SFP Wealth, SFP Short-Term.

Our in-house brand and marketing team is at your disposal to create presence and relevance in the market, whether you opt for traditional or digital means of marketing.

SFP has free digital resources at your disposal as part of our value proposition to you.

SFP makes running practice simpler, so you can focus on what matters most. With SFP, you can spend less time on admin and more time on providing sound financial advice to your clients.

Free access to SanFin

SanFin is a powerful CRM, FNA and advice recording tool that will help you manage your clients, track your finances and generate reports. In addition, we have integrated SanFin with powerful AML and FICA compliance tools that you do not have to worry about the administrative burden of complying with complicated legislative requirements.

Payroll and commission system

SFP will take care of your payroll and commission calculations, so you don't have to. Practice analysis and management reporting: SanFin and other tools we offer also provides you with insights into your practice so you can make informed decisions about your business.

Regulatory changes ever-increasing costs and complexity have placed an enormous burden on financial advisers and their practices. At SFP, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing the following key items are taken care of on your behalf.


We provide guidance and facilitate compliance with complex legislation i.e., FAIS, FICA, POPIA and other related regulations. In addition, we offer you a risk mitigation facility which not only improves the quality of your advice, but also ensures your clients are satisfied with the service you offer.

We support you with a team of experts who are equipped with dispute resolution skills to ensure you do not have to stress about the technicalities of the complaint’s resolution process.

PI Cover

SFP holds professional indemnity cover on behalf of all its financial advisers and advice staff.

Group Scheme

SFP has compulsory group scheme for all our registered financial advisers which can supplement your own personal cover.

Learning and engaging with SFP affords you access to the required annual CPD points but most importantly topical and fresh industry related knowledge.

SFP assists its advisers through various formal and informal learning initiatives with the following outcomes:

• Focussing on working on your business, not just in your business.

• Clearly defining and documenting your client value proposition and brand position.

• Build a sustainable business and marketing strategy.

• Create a practice growth plan by driving key actions with clear performance indicators.

• Develop leadership behaviour and accountability in your support team.

• Map your business structure and plan your succession.

The SFP culture is one of competition, performance, follow-through, transparency and engagement. We bring our advisers together several times annually to build networks, problem- solve and create camaraderie. We recognize performers and reward loyalty.

We strive to enable our advisers’ opinions through forums, and with transparent communication.

“Managing a professional practice is no longer the domain of a single individual; having a team to support you will enhance your chances of success.”

SFP recognizes the need to support and assist advisers with practical mechanisms to enable you to earn more, free up valuable time and focus on your business. We do this through a structured referral model through the SFP Broker Support Centre where you can earn despite not having the capacity or capability to render certain class of business solutions.

In addition, we provide paraplanner capabilities and admin/back office support at competitive rates through subsidization.

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We’ve compiled some useful information for your convenience. Feel free to have a look through the below documents if you want to find out more about the work we do at SFP.

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