Business financial planning

Ensure your business needs are taken care of today and protect its financial wellbeing.

The importance of covering business needs

Certain business events such as surety, replacing a key employee, or covering overhead expenses (to name a few) can be covered with insurance.

Business financial planning not only promotes financial wellness for your organisation, but also protects all the individuals involved in the business.

Events that require cover

When you engage with our offices, you’ll interact with a dedicated financial adviser as well as committed support staff to meet your financial needs, goals, and objectives. We will provide you with an industry endorsed approach to make sure that your financial needs are holistically understood, planned for, executed, and reviewed on a regular basis.

Contingent liability 
Ever stood as surety for business debt? This may affect your personal estate and liabilities. Ensuring that the business takes out life cover to secure the repayment of debt when a life event occurs is vital to protect you and your family from the debt being recalled in your personal name.
Key person insurance
There may be an employee that is instrumental to the success of the business. If this person’s absence results in declining profits (or leaves a devasting void in the business), ensuring that cover is in place to withstand any losses or to provide you with the ability to recruit and train a replacement is vital.
Overhead expenses
Monthly overheads such as rent, utilities and salaries (to name a few) will not come to a halt if you, as a business owner, are unable to produce business income. Cover for overhead expenses ensures that when a risk event occurs, the business will have a buffer for these expenses to be covered.
Debit and credit loan accounts
You may owe the business money, or the business may owe you money. Ultimately, the money must be repaid to ensure that there is liquidity for yourself and the business.
Requirements for business assurance

Financial underwriting considers the financials of the business to establish the business’s needs. This is considered together with the life assured’s personal lifestyle and health status to determine the premium required for cover.

Important documents that may be required for business financial planning include:

  • Memorandum of incorporation
  • CIPC document
  • Financial statements of the business
Become an employer of choice

Employee benefits are defined as the additional compensation to an employee’s salary. This is added to attract and retain talent.

These benefits may include:

  • Contributions to retirement funds
  • Medical aid contributions
  • Group life cover (which includes life, disability, and dread disease cover)
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